Press release - March 13, 2024

The Upgraded Regula 4205D: Forensic-Level Document Verification for Border Security

In the face of continually increasing migration flows, Regula constantly enhances its document verification potential to facilitate ID processing at border control points. The recently revamped Regula 4205D brings forensic-level document examination capabilities to the border front line to help scrutinize every security feature and effectively spot forgeries.  

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) reports that the migrant flow has been steadily rising, with the numbers swelling from 153 million in 1995 to 281 million in 2022. Concurrently, the quality of counterfeit documents keeps advancing. Under these circumstances, the need for more sophisticated border control tools has never been greater.

Regula steps up to this challenge by upgrading its Regula 4205D, a one-of-a-kind device designed to significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of document verification processes. Equipped with 12 light sources and capable of 30x magnification, Regula 4205D streamlines the workflow of border officers, helping them make well-informed decisions.

Regula's one-of-a-kind device designed to significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of document verification processes

Regula 4205D

The key capabilities of the Regula 4205D

  • High-precision magnification. A state-of-the-art camera offers clear 30x magnification, uncovering details, such as microprinting applied with UV and IR fluorescent inks, that were previously only visible in professional laboratories.

  • Comprehensive inspection under light sources. With its 12 light sources for multi-level inspection, the Regula 4205D examines every security feature, from the document substrate (watermarks, security fibers and threads) to printing techniques and UV and IR fluorescent security inks, ensuring no detail is overlooked.

  • Enhanced operational efficiency. The device's capability of automated data retrieval from MRZs, RFID chips, and barcodes, coupled with visualizing invisible personal information (IPI) and data cross-check verification, expedites the identification process and improves accuracy.

  • Rapid, in-depth checks. Powered by an 11th-generation Intel® N5105 processor and 8 GB of RAM, the device enables thorough manual checks of document authenticity without compromising on processing speed.

  • Ease of use. An intuitive 11.6-inch touchscreen interface simplifies the inspection process, while HDMI connectivity facilitates training sessions for border control officers. Plus, its compact size and plug-in working mode allow for fast and secure installation.

  • Integration with Regula Information Reference Systems (IRS). An optional feature that provides access to a comprehensive database of document images and their security features from around the globe, aiding in precise verification.


Border control authorities are definitely at the forefront of fighting identity document fraud, because it’s usually where the most sophisticated document forgeries appear. We know how crucial it is to stop fraud at the entry point before it does any significant damage. That’s why we upgraded our Regula 4205D to offer unparalleled document verification technology that elevates border control operations to new heights. Not only does its unique blend of speed, accuracy, and ease of use facilitate document processing, but also contributes significantly to fighting document fraud and illegal migration. Our commitment to in-house production, LED technology, and minimal mechanical parts, alongside our proprietary software development, guarantees the reliability and sustained performance of the 4205D, making it an indispensable asset for border control agencies worldwide.

— Alex Lewanowicz, Director of Hardware Engineering at Regula

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