1. Trinocular Stereo Microscope Regula 5003

There are cases when to complete examination experts require a microscope. Trinocular Stereo Microscope Regula 5003 is a perfect tool. By switching between two options of examination – eyepieces or a built-in digital camera – an expert may carry out not only visual examination but also an examination with a variety of RFS software tools.

2. Visualizer of magnetic properties Regula 4197

Additional nondestructive examination of images, travel document and banknote fragments, dyes of printing devices that contain magnetic ink, as well as performance of magnetic measurements.

3. Thermostage Regula 4168

Examination of images, travel documents and banknote fragments that contain thermochromic ink at different temperatures. Examination of a composite security feature Feel®-ID developed by Giesecke & Devrient company. Feel®-ID is based on optically variable and thermochromic effect.

Temperature range — +30...+80 ˚С with a step of 1 ˚С
Heated area (length×width) — 78×48 mm
Dimensions (length×width×height) — 170×78×16 mm
Weight — 0.25 kg
Power supply voltage: powered by the USB port of the video spectral comparator — 5 V
Power consumption — max 15 W

Temperature +20 ˚С
Temperature +35 ˚С
Temperature +50 ˚С

4. Tilting stage Regula 4165

Examination of widespread security features of banknotes and travel documents that are visualized at different lighting and observation angles, for example, OVI, DYNAPRINT®, FUSE-ID and others.

Tilt angle — max ±30˚
Working area (length×width) — (180×110) ±1 mm
Dimensions (length×width×height) — max 230×112×42 mm
Power supply voltage via a USB port — 5 V
Device weight — max 0,5 kg
Rated current — max 1 A

5. Polarizer Regula 4169

Examination of questioned documents while changing the angle of polarization.
Angle of filter rotation — 0…360 with a step of 2˚
Field of view (diameter) — 70 mm
Dimensions (length×width×height) — max 195×140×40 mm
Power supply voltage via a USB port — 5 V
Device weight — max 0.9 kg
Rated current — max 0.5 A

6. Mirror for examination of the document edge

Examination of the document edge – 25x

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