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Top optical system (light sources)

Incident white

Halogen lamp for spectroscopy

20 W

D50 LED for spectroscopy


254-395 nm (4 light sources)

Infrared LEDs

700-1030 nm (5 light sources)

High-intensity LEDs

395-735 nm (12 light sources)

Transmitted LEDs

5 light sources

Angle adjustable oblique LEDs

2 light sources

OVD visualization LEDs

horizontal and vertical (47 light sources)

Polarized LEDs

3 light sources

Bottom optical system (light sources)

Incident and coaxial white

High-intensity IR for Anti-Stokes Luminescence

800-1100 nm


870 nm

Ultraviolet UVA

365 nm

High-intensity cyan

505 nm

Delivery set

Calibration Kit

Calibrated White reference material. NIST traceable

Built-in PC (optionally)

Intel® Core™ i7 or better, 16 Gb RAM, 256 Gb SSD

Regula Forensics Studio Software

Full Specification Regula 4308


Regula Forensics Studio Software


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