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Regula Helps Zamna Create Digital ID Verification for Dozens of Airlines

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Zamna and Regula

60+ million verified travel identities

179+ operational countries

Fraud prevention

Zamna is an award-winning VC-backed software company building GDPR-compliant identity platforms for the aviation industry. With over 60 million verified travel identities, the company offers a secure digital identity architecture for airlines, ground handlers, and international organizations in the Aviation and Travel industries in 179+ countries.


Zamna provides a range of products to facilitate travelers’ identification and verification. Its Verified Passport and Verified Health allow user data to be anonymized and securely revalidated by Zamna network participants. Zamna TravelPass enables travel providers to offer their customers in-app identity wallets for secure digital identity data management.

To enhance the travel documentation verification experience and elevate the security of the process, Zamna required a trustworthy identity verification solution that was capable of authenticating loads of IDs quickly, smoothly, and reliably.


As a result, Zamna opted for Regula Document Reader SDK, which was seamlessly integrated into its solutions. Regula’s technologies recognize the identity document type, validate data across the identity document, and check that it is relevant for that particular type of ID. Also, Regula Document Reader SDK cross-checks data in all the document zones, including the visual zone, MRZ (machine readable zone), electronic RFID chip, barcode, etc., to spot any possible inconsistencies that may indicate fraud.

Regula Document Reader SDK is responsible for checking identity document authenticity and validity, regardless of the type or country of origin. It relies on Regula’s proprietary extensive document template database. The largest on the market, this database contains over 12,500 document templates, and it makes it possible to verify travelers’ passports from nearly any corner of the world.


The integration of Regula Document Reader SDK into Zamna’s solutions streamlined and simplified the identity verification process for air travelers. The revamped ID checks improved operational cost efficiencies, reduced pressure on gate operations, and streamlined airline and airport processes.


Regula’s expertise in the field of document verification and authentication combined with its position as a market leader are vital to helping Zamna further enhance its multi-patented, cryptographically based digital identity architecture that is already deployed at scale in the travel sector. It will play a pivotal role in both helping prevent identity document fraud and delivering a frictionless traveller experience.

—Irra Ariella Khi, Zamna CEO and Co-founder

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