Press release - July 4, 2019

New Pocket-Size Magnifier Regula 1000 With 20x Magnification

Regula has launched a brand-new pocket-size magnifier Regula 1000 with 20x magnification. The device is designed for express authenticity verification of passports, banknotes, securities and other documents with security features. The 20x magnification and the field of view of 8mm of the product enable examining tiny objects, coins, stamps, fragments of photographs, seals, signatures and handwriting.

The device is light and shockproof, thanks to its body made of ABS plastic and polycarbonate materials. It’s a perfect option to carry around.

Two openings at the bottom of the device allow the examiner to easily move or fix small objects with the use of tweezers under the lens.

Regula 1000.01 is supplied with a measuring scale. This model will become available by the end of 2019.

The magnifier can be used as a separate authenticity verification tool or supplied with other Regula devices extending their functionality. The device may be used in numismatics, philately, printing, photography, instrumentation engineering, etc.

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