Press release - July 17, 2020

Regula Introduced a New 3D Visualization Feature for Regula Forensic Studio

Regula has expanded the functionality of Regula Forensic Studio (RFS) software by adding a 3D visualization tool. It is available when using the video spectral comparators Regula 4308 and Regula 4307. Due to the new function, there is now an opportunity for a more detailed examination of documents, banknotes, signatures and handwritten records, paintings, as well as other objects.

The main distinguishing feature of the RFS 3D visualization tool is the ability to create a 3D model of the studied object in two different light sources: white and infrared. Additionally, within the 3D scene during visualization, the position and brightness of the light sources may be changed and controlled. 

The new RFS 3D visualization mode allows its user to:

  • receive and save images of a 3D model of the examined object;
  • modify the 3D model: its texture, scale, rotation angle;
  • visualize the pen-tip stroke and stamp imprints;
  • identify the sequence of strokes (if two strokes intersect);
  • examine the intaglio and letterpress printing, as well as blind embossing.

RFS 3D-visualization mode will be of interest to the police and document examination experts, specifically to graphologists. The new software feature now makes it easy to distinguish a real signature from a facsimile.


For an advanced 3D analysis, Regula has launched Regula 4162, an easy-to-use portable 3D visualizer. The device is circular shaped with 30 white and 60 infrared LEDs, enabling an even more accurate 3D image of the studied object.

The device comes as a piece of optional equipment to the entire Regula video spectral comparator series and is connected to the devices via a USB cable.

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