Press release - May 29, 2023

Regula to Exhibit and Present at the INTERPOL Global Conference on Vehicle Crime

Regula, a global developer of forensic devices and identity verification solutions, will present its latest development in the advanced examination of automobile VIN numbers during the three-day INTERPOL Global Conference on Vehicle Crime. The event will be held in Lyon, France from May 30 to June 1, 2023.


The INTERPOL Global Conference on Vehicle Crime has been scheduled for the fourth time, and Regula is a constant participant. At the upcoming event, the company will exhibit its hardware and software solutions for the nondestructive examination of VIN numbers, in particular the magneto-optical device Regula 7505M. This tool is a real game-changer that allows for thorough analysis and detection of VIN falsification without removing the lacquer and paint coating, which means no damage to the vehicle. 

On the second day of the event, May 31, Dr. Arif A. Mamedov, President and CEO at Regula Americas, is to present his keynote on the nondestructive examination of VIN numbers with the help of Regula’s solutions. The presentation will highlight the innovation in vehicle inspection that helps fight crime and illicit car trafficking and trade.

The fourth INTERPOL Global Conference on Vehicle Crime will gather law-enforcement bodies from member countries, international organizations, private entities, and numerous experts from all over the world.

As a long-term partner of INTERPOL, Regula participates in its major events. In December 2022, the company presented at the joint INTERPOL–ICAO Passenger Data Exchange Forum. The year before, in September 2021, Regula spoke at the organization's event on ID and travel document fraud, which focused on automated authentication systems.

Regula has been cooperating with INTERPOL since 2004 in the field of information exchange and document database completion, and since 2016, both parties have been regularly organizing training and educational events for border control and law-enforcement bodies in different countries. These joint Regula-INTERPOL training programs made it possible to equip around 150 immigration service and border control officers in more than 30 countries with new skills in detecting fraudulent IDs.

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