Press release - May 28, 2019

New Unique Solution From Regula: Mobile Document Authenticator Regula 1120

Regula has recently released a new product – mobile document authenticator Regula 1120, which may now turn a smartphone into a specialized device for automated document authentication.

The authenticator works jointly with Regula Document Reader SDK which is integrated into either Regula demo application or into the user's application.

The device is attached to the back of a mobile device and connected to it via Bluetooth® Low Energy.

Built-in high-intensity LED UV light sources (365 nm) allow performing the UV dull paper checks of documents (document blank, MRZ area or holder’s photo). OCR of UV luminescent security text and its comparison with the data obtained from the MRZ or VIZ is also available. In addition, mobile document authenticator Regula 1120 checks image patterns in white and UV light, detects false UV luminescence and analyzes luminescence of UV security fibers.

The model Regula 1120.01 is equipped with an integrated module for reading RFID chips. It works both with Android and iOS devices. In the latter case, the authenticator provides additional functionality for iOS devices, enabling easy e-document reading.

Regula 1120 used together with Regula Document Reader SDK facilitates the process of document authentication and allows law enforcement agencies, as well as border control and immigration authorities to easily run identity document checks.

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