Regula in Border control & immigration services
Regula in Border control & immigration services

This software is intended for express authenticity verification and advanced examination of passports, ID cards and other travel documents, visa stamps and seals, entry permits, banknotes, driver’s licenses, vehicle registration certificates and other vehicle related documents, signatures and handwriting fragments, revenue and special stamps, securities, and other documents with security features.


  • Operating Regula devices
  • Storing examination results in a local database
  • Comparing examination results with reference images from information reference systems
  • Obtaining, processing and analyzing visual (images) and non-visual data — from: Regula devices, other image input devices (video grabbers, scanners etc.), graphic files, information reference systems, RFID tags etc. 

Regula Forensic Studio Sections


  • Provides access to the basic program settings (a list of users, language, etc.).
  • Maintains a hierarchical structure of examination data (the list of documents and their contents)

External devices

  • Working with external devices
  • Capturing video images and obtaining non-visual data
  • Additional processing of live video


  • Two ways of comparing two still images or a still image and a video image:
    - Overlay using different processing algorithms
    - Automatic superposition of examined objects guided by two or more points with the possibility to adjust the scale, rotation angle and transparency


  • Carrying out various types of image examination
  • Saving examination results for further use


  • Modifying images with the help of various tools
  • Recording macros for processing images, including video images


  • Creating animated and generalized images of examined objects

Regula Forensic Studio in Action

Multilingual Interface

  • English
  • Chinese
  • Latvian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • any other language (at customer’s request)
Regula in Border control & immigration services
Border control & immigration services
Security printing industry
Banks & financial agencies

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