Access to Dozens Tools for Examination

Regula Forensic Studio (RFS) is intended for advanced authenticity verification and forensic examination of travel and ID documents: passports, ID cards, visas, driver’s licenses, etc., as well as banknotes, various documents that have security features, handwritten fragments, and even works of art.

RFS software works with Regula forensic devices. The interface and contents of the program vary depending on the functionality of the connected Regula device.


  • Operating Regula devices
  • Storing examination results in a local database
  • Comparing examination results with reference images from information reference systems
  • Obtaining, processing and analyzing visual (images) and non-visual data from Regula devices, other image input devices (video grabbers, scanners etc.), graphic files, information reference systems, RFID tags etc.

Obtain Indisputable Results with IRS Databases

RFS Software allows you to use the Information Reference System while operating your Regula device. In this mode, you can choose between documents from the list and flip through images in different light sources. To date IRS counts more than 11 000 documents, banknotes and coins from 214 countries and territories.


When you switch between reference images, a corresponding change is made to the active light source of your Regula device. 

So, if you click on the image in UV light, the RFS will activate the same light source inside your device. It is an essential function for quick visual checks. It is also available when working in the Comparison section.

You can capture an image of an object under examination and compare it with a reference one or you can activate the live video mode and compare live video with the reference image. In the latter case the resolution of the compared images is synchronized by changing the zoom level.

RFS Sections


  • Basic program settings (list of users, language, etc.)
  • Maintaining your local databases (lists of documents and their contents)
  • Creating a report that includes text data (image capture conditions, examination results) and graphic items (images, diagrams, etc.)


External devices

  • Сontrol over the process of object examination in various lighting conditions, as well as with the use of spectrometer, hyperspectral analysis, and 3D relief construction tool
  • Control over the process of capturing video images with or without additional processing of live video
  • Creating and using scripts for examination



  • Comparison of the obtained images with the possibility to adjust the scale, rotation angle and transparency
  • Comparison according to the areas of intersection: substruction, addition, stitching and intersection
  • Comparison of stored images/live video with images from the Information Reference System database
  • Comparison of spectral characteristics of dyes: two examination results of hyperspectral analysis are compared with each other



  • A variety of tools for measurement: distance, route length, angle, radius, color, and area measurements
  • Marking tool for placing markers on fragments that are of particular interest 
  • Reading the MRZ zones, RFID chips, and barcodes
  • Visualization of latent images
  • Verification of the LetterScreen++ security feature (requires special licenses and a special SDK version)



  • Basic processing tools: cropping, resizing, rotation, inversion, changing the color depth (color inversion)
  • Adjustment tools: brightness, contrast, gamma, hue, saturation,  level adjustment, signal correction, segmentation, color filter
  • Filtering tools: smoothing, sharpening, relief displaying (emboss mode), tracing contours
  • All the tools above can be included in scripts for repeated examinations


PC requirements

Minimum Recommended
Operation System

Microsoft  Windows 10

Microsoft Windows 10


Intel® Core™ i5 3.0 GHz

 Intel® Core™ i7 3.4 GHz




Minimum free disk space, GB



Display resolution, pixels


1920×1200 or higher

Connection interface

USB 3.0

USB 3.0

Delivery set

A software protection USB-dongle with a limited update license for providing access to the information reference system.

The USB dongle is not required when using Regula Forensic Studio with Regula devices.

RFS Specification




Video Spectral Comparator Regula 4306

Language and directory for saving images

Video camera control

Image сapture and saving images

Macros (script)

Image examination - making measurements

Image comparison

Exporting data into MS Word

Basic light sources

Oblique light sources

Narrowband light sources

IR luminescence (Automatic)

Transmitted light sources

Polarized light sources

3D visualization

OVD visualization

UV postluminescence

Hyperspectral analysis

Machine readable zone (MRZ)


RFID chip

Face matching

Obtaining multi-focus images

Glare compensation

HDR image acquisition

Thick document examination (removable object stage)

Thermostage Regula 4168

Tilting stage Regula 4165

Polarizer Regula 4169

Dual-Video Spectral Comparator Regula 4308


Directory for saving images

Creating a database of examined document images

Device connection

Video camera control

Image capture

Advanced image capture

Saving images

Saving video

Adding a label to the image

Image examination - making measurements

Image comparison

Exporting data into MS Word

Macros (script)


Switching between TOP and BOTTOM optical systems

Extending the field of view by lifting the TOP optical system

TOP: White light

TOP: White light (OVD)

TOP: IR light

TOP: UV light

TOP: UV light (HDR)

TOP: Oblique light

TOP: Transmitted light

TOP: IR luminescence

TOP: IR luminescence (Automatic)

TOP: Polarized light

TOP: White/IR light (3D)

BOTTOM: Coaxial white light

BOTTOM: High-intensity IR (Anti-Stokes luminescence)

Obtaining multi-focus images

XY translation stage

Image stitching (A4 size)

Image stitching for increasing image resolution

Hyperspectral imaging (HSI)

Spectrometer (Reflection mode)

Spectrometer (Luminescence mode)

Spectrometer (Color measuring)

Spectrometer (Spectrum data export)

Invisible personal information (IPI)


Machine readable zone (MRZ)

RFID chip

Face matching

Regula Information Reference System

Thermostage Regula 4168 for examining documents containing thermochromicink

Mirror for examining OVI security features

Document holder for examining microprinting on the edge of the datapage

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