Intelligent OCR for Reliable Identity Verification

OCR is a starting point of identity document verification. It helps recognize and structure information, speeds up the procedure, eliminates human error, and enables partial or full automation of the verification process. Powerful, accurate, and intelligent OCR makes ID verification smart, reliable, and secure.

Regula OCR technology intelligently analyzes document layouts using the profound knowledge contained in the largest identity document template database on the market. It automatically and precisely reads and recognizes all the fields in IDs and parses the data they contain, whether it’s typed, printed, embossed, or engraved, making it instantly ready for further verification.

Regula OCR goes far beyond just simple reading of IDs. Thanks to deep document analysis backed up by a mix of advanced forensic equipment and rare industry expertise, our technology offers an unrivaled variety of data checks, which helps spot inconsistencies and fraud. The combination of OCR and AI-based techniques make it possible to perform multiple validations, such as the correctness of document fields, the spelling of names (alphabetic symbols, upper- or lowercase as per specific rules in different documents), document number templates, and much more.

As a result, Regula OCR saves you time and effort, leaving your customers satisfied with the speed and ease of use of the identity verification services you provide.

Regula OCR Highlights

100% automated

99.7% accuracy rate* according to internal tests

12,000+ document templates covering IDs issued in 248 countries and territories

100% on-premises or on-device solution for compliance with strict legal standards (GDPR, CCPA, etc.)

Recognition of over 600 field types (date of birth, ID number, credit card numbers, etc.)

Accelerated credit card processing with card type identification, data extraction and automated entry

Support of 138+ languages and special characters via sophisticated neural networks

Support of AAMVA, the North American standard for driver’s licenses and ID cards

More Regula Technologies

Interconnected Regula in-house technologies, such as OCR, barcode, MRZ, and RFID chip reading, pull together to ensure a high level of speed and accuracy when it comes to identity document verification. They thoroughly examine every detail in every ID, cross-checking all the data to spot any illegal alterations. Learn more about what’s under the hood of the comprehensive identity verification that Regula solutions provide.

Barcode reading

Face matching

Document liveness detection

Face liveness detection

MRZ reading

RFID/NFC reading

Document type identification

Active authenticity control

Age verification

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