Regula Group at EUROPOLTECH - April 15-17, 2015

Regula Group will participate in the EUROPOLTECH event. The exhibition will take place on April 15-17, 2015 in Warsaw, Poland.

It is a highly specialized event and as such will only be open to professionals – officers of the police services and civil or military national security services. Invitations to visit the trade show will be extended to the executive staff, officer corps and experts from all the police and national security services. The exhibition will also be visited by lawmakers and public administration officers who deal with security issues.

The company will present its products and solutions, including:

- devices for document authenticity verification (Regula 43074305DMH, 4177/4178, 1025, 1003M)

- spectral luminescent microscope Regula 5001МК.01

- magneto-optical devices Regula 4197, 7701M

- document reader Regula 70X4M

- mobile document reader Regula 7308

- device for VIN examination Regula 7505M/7515

- the latest releases of Information Reference Systems: Passport, Currency, Autodocs, Frontline Documents System, AutoVIN

You are welcome to visit our booth #II.22!

Find more information about the event at: http://www.europoltech.pl/title,lang,2.html