Banknotes reference books

Banknotes reference books

The reference books are intended for express authenticity verification and advanced examination of banknotes and coins from different countries of all denominations and series.


Law enforcement agencies
Forensic police laboratories
Security document producers
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The reference books are printed in English and Russian. The editions include systematized and illustrated descriptions of banknotes and coins and their security features and techniques.

The description of each banknote is given on 3 pages containing more than 30 illustrations.

Published reference books:

«Banknotes and coins of UN and USA»: 23 banknotes16 coins

«Banknotes and coins of Poland»: 5 banknotes9 coins

«Banknotes and coins of Russia»: 19 banknotes8 coins

«Banknotes of Ukraine»: 30 banknotes

Special editions arranged by country and banknote can be compiled at customer’s request.

The structure of banknotes and coins description

Currency Section Description Illustration
Banknote General information
  • Information about the series, release, size of a banknote
  • Description of substrate security features: watermarks and security threads
The elements of express control
Front side
  • Image of a banknote scaled up to 180-200%
  • Description of printing methods and corresponding security features
Reverse side
  • Image of a banknote scaled up to 180-200%
  • Description of printing methods and corresponding security features
Special ink
  • Images of banknotes in ultraviolet and infrared spectral ranges, images of magnetic ink patterns
Coin General information
  • Information about the value of the coin, its shape, design, etc.

Security features
  • Information about the diameter, thickness, weight, color, alloy, edge


  • Financial institutions
  • Law-enforcement agencies
  • Forensic laboratories
  • Professional spheres:
    • numismatics
    • notaphily

Contents and volume of data in reference books

Contents Reference book
Banknotes and coins of the EU and the USA Banknotes and coins of Poland Banknotes and coins of Russia Banknotes of Ukraine
Number of banknotes 23 5 19 30
coins 16 9 8
Number of pages 78 20 61 92

Size, mm — 140×287


  • format — hardcover
  • method of binding — detachable 2-ring mechanism

Banknotes reference books

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